Warehouse Racking Supply

Warehouse Rack Supply company installing racking in a warehouse

You are looking for a warehouse racking supplier to help you design a rack layout for your warehouse or manufacturing facility. You need a racking supplier to visit, listen, understand your business and then design a layout that will save you time, space and labor in the future. Oh, and you need it to be within your budget.

We do that.

Warehouse Rack Supply company installing racking in a warehouse
TPC Automation installing racking in a a large distribution warehouse

Our experience in the Automation field, supplying automation capabilities to OEMs looking to reduce their manufacturing expense positions TPC Automation perfectly to help in the warehousing industry.

Pallet Rack Supplier performs a technical investigation
Sourcing Pallet Racking from a Reliable Supplier Starts with Precise Data Collection

How to Design a Warehouse Racking Layout that Saves Time, Money and Labor

If you have a warehouse, sooner or later you are going to need to get organized, increase storage and optimize for labor-savings. In order to design the best warehouse layout, follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Call a company with experience and knowhow.

Many companies may claim expertise in warehouse racking supply, but do they have the training, experience, and knowhow to deliver material handling solutions that help their customers achieve their storage goals?

Warehouse Racking Supply company sales rep collecting data in a warehouse
Racking sales rep collecting data in a warehouse

Step 2 – Collect relevant warehouse operational data. Yes, this matters.

If your warehouse rack supply sales rep shows up without this equipment, then you might be in for an unhappy surprise.

  • Engineering site survey
  • Laser measuring tool
  • Tape measure
  • Camera
  • Architect scale

To effectively design warehouse racking, your rack supply company needs to be asking you for information about the following:

  • The exact address of the warehouse facility
  • Current state questions
    • #SKUs
    • #Pallets stored
    • Lease term
    • Building renewal
    • Orders per day
    • Lines per order
    • Pieces per line
    • Slotting – dynamic/dedicated
    • # order pullers
    • Inventory turns
    • Warehouse square footage
    • Slab thickness
    • Floor PSI
    • Soil PSF
    • Sprinkler density (GPM/Sq. ft.)
    • Weight of pallet – lightest, average and heaviest
    • Load center
    • Pallet and load dimensions
  • Do you have an AutoCAD drawing of the building?
  • Future state questions:
    • How many pallets do you need to store?
    • How many pick locations do you need?
    • What equipment will you use to store and retrieve pallets?
    • What equipment will you use to pick orders?

We have seen many sales reps waste their customer’s time by not coming prepared and not asking the right questions to be able to professionally offer the best warehouse racking solutions to their customers.

Rack Repair starts with Rack inspection
Rack Repair Specialists inspecting the warehouse racking

Step 3 – Engineer the racking to support the load during a seismic event.

Even if your facility is not in a very seismically active area, it is important to get a seismic engineer’s opinion on the capacity of racking during a seismic event. That will require working with a warehouse racking supply company that has a seismic engineer resource. At TPC Automation, we work closely with seismic engineers to determine the seismic capacity of racking before the customer places the order.

Forklift loading warehouse racking with a pallet
Rack needs to be designed around the weight of the load and the forklift that puts it away

Step 4 – Check that the aisle dimensions will work with the material handling equipment in the facility.

Many warehouse racking supply companies are interested in selling rack but are not ensuring that the aisle dimensions will work with the material handling equipment to be used in the facility.

At TPC Automation, we have the experience of working with the largest material handling equipment OEMs in North America, and yet we retain the independence to offer solutions that work best for our customers – irrespective of powered industrial truck brand.

Cantilever and selective rac
Different types of racking in the warehouse

Step 5 – Decide between new and used warehouse racking

There are pros and cons to purchasing both new and used pallet racking. When looking for a warehouse racking supply company, check to see if good quality used components are an option.

TPC Automation has extensive used pallet racking supply resources for its customers to select the right racking for their needs and budgets.

Consultative warehouse racking supply company
Consultative approach to buying racking for the warehouse

Step 6 – Select a warehouse rack supply company that can also permit and install racking

If you are adding racking to your facility, chances are that you will need a permit. The permitting process can be complicated. If you are are looking for a warehouse pallet racking supply company, check to see if they will also help you with the permitting process. Many companies won’t. Permits can be a hassle.

Rack Permitting Services - Warehouse Racking Supply Company - TPC Automation
Rack Permitting Services – Warehouse Racking Supply Company – TPC Automation

At TPC, we offering permitting services prior to pallet rack installation.

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