Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) available


PPE for sale. If you are looking for PPE (personal protection equipment) for your restaurant, store, warehouse or manufacturing facility, look no further. TPC has PPE in stock and ready to ship. Buy PPE online Here are the various Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) items we have in stock ready to ship. Face masks 10 pack of Face Masks – perfect … Read More

7 uses for a disinfectant fogger

man using disinfectant fogger

A fogger is a portable machine that can aerosolize liquid and spray it into the air. When primed with liquid cleaner, an ulv fogging machine becomes an ideal disinfectant fogger, but it can also be used as an insect fogger, if needed. It is an ideal way to spray disinfectant into a large space so that the microbe-killing action from the cleaning … Read More

Reducing the Spread of Covid-19 in the Workplace

COVID-19 workplace safety

Steal Our Social Media Program: These COVID-19 safety in the workplace social media posts below are free for the taking. Copy and paste them and their associated captions for use with your company’s social media feed. We would love a #tpcautomation hashtag or an @tpcautomation shout out, but it is not necessary. If you would like to change the social … Read More