Back-up Alert Systems for Vehicles

HS-100F, HS-300N, HS-400N, CS-712, HCS-700D TPC Vehicle Safety offers a variety of back-up alert systems to suit different needs and vehicle types. HS-100F, HS-300N, and HS-400N are our audio alert systems. CS-712 is our camera-only system and HCS-700D is our combination system. You can learn more about these systems here: Please contact your sales distributor at (562) 946-8459 to … Read More

What is a Pneumatic Lubricator?

Pneumatic lubricator

This is the final part of our FRL series, which stands for filter, regulator, and lubricator. In this post, we will discuss the pneumatic lubricator. So, what does a lubricator do? A pneumatic lubricator sprays micro-particles of lubricator oil into the airflow to provide fluent lubrication. The purpose of lubricating pneumatic devices is to prevent abrasion caused by solid friction … Read More

Pneumatic Fittings: Everything You Need to Know

Pneumatic fittings

by Justin Uhm Pneumatic fittings are essential to keeping your pneumatic systems running. In this post, we will cover all the different types of pneumatic fittings and their applications. Read on to learn more. Pneumatic Tubes, Hoses, and Pipes Before we begin, lets us distinguished the type of components that are being connected in a system. This will help you understand the … Read More

Compact Air Chucks from TPC Automation

tpc automation video

Compact air chucks in this video are shown opening and closing on our test bench at TPC Pneumatics quality assurance lab. Pneumatic chucks can clamp and release products inside an industrial automation system. Video of a Clamping Air Chuck The video below shows TPC Automation’s compact pneumatic chucks in action. The clamping devices are powered by air. They open and … Read More

Pneumatic Filter Basics

Pneumatic filters

Many pneumatic components make up an entire air preparation system that can be used for automation. In this piece, I will explain what a pneumatic filter is, as well as the different types of pneumatic filters and what they are used for.

Integrity in All Things

motivational quote about Integrity - Landmark

by Simon Walker, President of TPC Automation The TPC Pneumatics’ promise is that you get better quality, durability, and reliability than any other brand. Our customers tell us that our prices are surprisingly affordable, and our catalog is huge. For quality pneumatic parts, TPC Pneumatics has an extensive line of durable and reliable automation components. To receive a catalog, fill … Read More