Speed Test – TPC vs Brand “S”

The Rodless Cylinder by TPC, in this side-by-side comparison, is shown next to another popular brand of air actuators. The “S” brand air-cylinder in this video is slower compared to TPC’s APR offering. In precisely the same operating environment, it is clear that the TPC rodless actuator is outperforming the other brand in speed, quality and value for money.

Reliable Rodless Actuators

This cylinder does not have an external piston. Rodless air cylinders are sometimes also called rodless actuators are ideal for use in confined spaces due to movement taking place within the body of the actuator. The internal mechanism moves when connected to a pressurized air supply that moves an external carriage. The carriage then moves within the cylinder’s body, which is ideal for long stroke applications.

TPC Manufactures a Durable Rodless Air Cylinder

The TPC Rodless Cylinder has a very durable design. And given that the actuator does not have piston overhang, you do not experience the bending, binding and seal wear common in other pneumatic cylinders.

Rodless Cylinder

A Reliable Rodless Actuator is Necessary for these Operating Conditions

The reliability of a rodless cylinder becomes necessary when these conditions are met. Benefits for rodless air actuators include but are not limited to:

  • Space constraints prevent the use of other types of pneumatic actuators
  • A long stroke is needed
  • There is a defined and repeating travel path for the carriage
  • The working environment has the risk of contaminants that might interfere with the operation of a standard pneumatic rod-style actuator
  • Low maintenance and reliability is needed

TPC Pneumatics offer Excellent Value for Money

TPC Pneumatic products are manufactured in highly automated, precision manufacturing facilities that employ Lean Management manufacturing. The standards for quality and workmanship ensure durability, reliability and low overall cost of ownership.

Typical Applications for Rodless Cylinders

You see a lot of rodless cylinders, also known as rod-less actuators, in such applications as:

  • Bottling and food processing plants
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Manufacturing
  • Factory automation
  • Warehouse automation
  • Textiles
  • Quality control
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Automated manufacturing processes

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