Move Warehouse Rack – Quick and Safe

Rack relocation with gondola skate

The faster, safer, and less expensive way to move racking

By Simon Walker, President of TPC Automation

Moving rack can be business-critical. The process is time-consuming. And it can be labor-intensive. It is also very disruptive to operations. That is because racking is a critical part of a warehouse operation.

When it has to be reconfigured into a new design or moved to a new location, it is a task warehouse managers don’t look forward to. It puts the warehouse in disarray and impairs the regular flow of material handling.

And yet, Moving rack can be made simple, fast and affordable with Gondala Skate, an innovative rack relocation system.

The traditional method of moving rack involves the teardown of every beam and frame, then moving the components and then re-erecting them in a new location. Whereas with the Gondola Skate solution, the rack is raised onto the Gondola Skate system, which essentially gives assembled engineered rack a set of temporary wheels. It is then easily moved to the new location and lowered into position. The wheels are removed. Then the rack is rebolted to the warehouse floor.

In a case study at a logistics company in southern California, the company had a rack system that included:

  • 98 x upright frames
  • 920 x 96” beams
  • 40 x 48 inch beams
  • 564 decks
  • 147 spacers
  • 784 anchors
  • 18 end of aisle protectors

Traditional tear down was estimated at $19,891 with a time to completion of 11 days.

The same rack relocation job using Gondala Skate’s rack moving technology was priced at $10,180. Time to completion: 1 day. 

Using this system, all the beam locations remain the same. Some reconfiguration can be occasionally necessary due to the need for one or more new rows along the column line of a building.

Benefits of Gondola Skate rack relocation

On any racking relocation job using Gondola Skate, you can expect the following benefits:

  • 75% less downtime (it takes 25% of the time)
  • Half the cost versus full disassembly and reassembly
  • Improved safety

Below is a video that shows the Gondola Skate process in action in a rack moving job conducted for Amazon.

Video of a team moving rack using Gondola Skate at Amazon.

Why 3PLs Move Rack

Many 3PLs are moving their rack using our Gondola Skate technology. They are finding that when you reduce aisle widths, you can increase storage capacity in warehouses by 33% to 50%. For 3PLs, that means more income in the same space.

Wide aisles, using sitdown forklifts provide good basic storage density. But when businesses run out of room, they either:

TPC Automation can help with all of these options.

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