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Looking for a certified rack installer? Look no further. TPC Automation has rack installation professionals on standby ready to assemble, move and anchor warehouse pallet racking.

The rack installation services TPC offers include:

Are you wondering how to install pallet rack? Here is a guide.

Empty warehouse - ready for the rack installer to arrive
Empty warehouse – ready for the rack installer to arrive

Step 1 – the Warehouse area needs to be free and clear

Remove all pallets and debris from the area you need rack installer to work in. Make sure that any construction debris, rubbish or refuse is removed. The rack installers need to be able to chalk a line and ensure the racking is being installed int he correct location per the installation drawings.

Rack installer surveying a rack project
Lead rack installation foreman surveying the progress of a rack project

Step 2 – Measure the space carefully

After consulting the installation drawings, it is important that dimensions are checked twice before chalking the line. You will want to ensure the racking is being built where you need it to be built.

If there is any concern about aisle dimensions, the OEM forklift manufacturers should provide documentation on the aisle dimensions required based on the model, capacity and battery compartment on the forklift. Other things that impact right angle stacking requirements include:

  • Length of load
  • Width of load
  • Flatness of the floor
  • Levelness of the floor
  • Lift off space above the floor stacked pallet
  • The length of the beam
  • Space between pallets
  • Type of racking: single selective, deep reach, push back, etc
Rack installers assembling racking
Rack installers setting beam levels

Step 3 – Build a demo bay with all the beam elevations exactly as needed at the start of each row

Every time you start a new row, it is important to create a starter bay. That starter bay will help the rack installers to know how to start installing the rack down the aisle.

Have the warehouse manager, foreman, lift truck supplier and warehouse racking supplier sign off on the starter bays before you start to build the rest of the warehouse. This will help you avoid costly errors.

Safety equipment needed for rack installers
Personal Protection Items used for rack installation services

Step 4 – Equipment recommended for rack installation

In addition to the usual safety equipment such as:

  • Eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Ear protection
  • Dust guards
Toyota forklift being used for installing a racking system in California
Lifting the rack upright in order to place vertically ready for installation

You will need power industrial equipment for installing racking. This includes a forklift to pick up the frames to stand them up. The forklift needs to gingerly elevate the frame from the horizontal position to its final vertical position.

Men on a scissor lift installing pallet racking in a warehouse
Use a scissor lift to install beams in pallet racking

You will also need a scissor lift. The scissor lift is used to elevate the rack installers safely in the air in order to place the beams and wire decks into position. Sometimes a combination of both a forklift and a scissor lift is needed to lift bring the material to the working level of the rack installation crew.

Rack erected prior to anchoring
Rack erected prior to anchoring

Step 5 – assemble the racking completely before anchoring

You will want to ensure the spacers, beams, and frames are connected properly before you start to anchor. Anchoring the racking will bring the system square and tight. Once tight, it is very hard to make adjustments. Therefore, always review the rack build before you anchor.

Hammering anchors for pallet racking installation
Hammering anchors for installation of pallet rack

Step 6 – Drilling and anchoring

The next step is to drill holes for the anchoring process. You will want to ensure the holes are drilled to the correct depth and that the dust has been aspirated and removed.

Rack installer drilling holes in warehouse floor before anchoring
Drill, vacuum, hammer in anchors, tighten down rack

Step 7 – Anchor inspection

As part of the permitting process, you will need to have the anchors inspected by a rack inspection service. Call TPC for help to have your anchors inspected prior to receiving your rack permit.

Rack Installer

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To learn about buying racking in Southern California and the Los Angeles area, read our article of Rack Supply here. We also repair rack. For more information, you can visit our article on rack repair here. Did your know that you can buy rack online? Visit our webstore.

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