The ULV Fogger Advantage: 5 Advantages to Using a Cold Fogger on Insects

use insect fogger to target bugs

Insects are a nuisance that no one likes to deal with. In extreme cases, they can even prove to be a health hazard. Fortunately, using a ULV fogger as a mobile insect fogger can be a great method to get rid of them. But, not everyone knows how to go about it. 

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about ULV fogging.

How Does It Work?

Within the insect fogger itself is an electric motor that converts the fogger liquid into small droplets. This essentially turns it into a fog that can be used to help rid a specific area of insects.

As the fogger is used, the electric motor will pump the fogging solution in the tank through a blower that sprays the fog out of a nozzle. As the fogging solution passes through the nozzle, it is pressurized and turned into a mist.

Since many foggers require the use of electricity in at least some form, you’ll need to be able to plug the fogger into an outlet or use an extension cord to help you do so. You can forego this option if your fogger happens to be powered by a battery.

Now that you know how it works, what are the advantages?

1. Fuel and Cost Efficiency

One of the most notable attributes of using a ULV fogger is its outstanding fuel efficiency.

For those unaware, ULV stands for ‘ultra-low volume,’ meaning it uses a minimal amount of fogging liquid. This directly results in a lower overall cost for its application.

Most cold foggers also use a combination of air pressure and electricity and battery power to function as opposed to the propane fuel that thermal foggers utilize. Common issues with using propane include both its notable flammability and sensitivity to cold temperatures.

Foregoing the requirement for propane as a fuel source will serve to further lower the total cost of using a cold fogger. 

2. Noise Level

Since foggers are often used to kill insects within urban areas, noise can occasionally be an issue if they run for extended periods. You may also be limited to operating them within a certain window of time each day.

Failure to do so could result in a noise ordinance violation and you having to pay a fine. Repeated offenses could result in additional consequences.

ULV foggers that are powered by electricity, though, are renowned for how quietly they operate. This allows you to use them as an insect fogger in a variety of situations and where needed.

3. It Won’t Affect Your Visibility

Perhaps the most significant inconvenience that’s associated with thermal foggers is the fog itself. In some cases, it can render large areas invisible if the fog is dense enough.

As you may expect, this can quickly become an issue if the fogger is used near roads, public spaces with high foot traffic, etc.

However, a cold fogger produces a fog that is almost invisible, giving you more flexibility when it comes to what type of scenario you can use it in. For example, you’ll now have the option to use foggers in more residential areas since you won’t obstruct the visibility of people driving or working.

As long as you manage the area in which the fog spreads, you shouldn’t encounter any issues. This means ensuring that the general public isn’t directly exposed to it, checking with the city beforehand about your project, etc.

4. Control Over Particle Size

Those who choose to take advantage of ULV foggers will find out they have significant flexibility in controlling the particle size of the fog solution. In general, you’ll be able to choose within a range of 5 to 50 microns.

When used for insect removal purposes, smaller particles are often better. In fact, a sweet spot in terms of particle size for killing mosquitoes is typically between 10 and 5 microns.

Larger insects will require a larger particle size. An interesting benefit of using larger particles is that the fogging solution will be less vulnerable to windy conditions.

Of course, high winds will still disrupt the process, so consider this before you move forward.

5. Easiest Big Fogger

Since cold foggers aren’t nearly as loud as thermal foggers and also don’t require the use of propane as a fuel, they need far less attention to run.

This means that it’s entirely possible to set up a cold fogger within an indoor location and let it run on its own. Although many people using insect foggers will want to move through the target environment.

Although you could set up your fogger and walk away, you shouldn’t let it run for an extended period. Not only will this saturate the target area in the fogging solution, but you’d also miss the opportunity to fog hard-to-reach areas.

Many foggers come with a hose that’s attached to the device itself that you can use to spray the anti-insect solution into cracks, crevices, and other areas were insects may be hiding and breeding.

Using a ULV Fogger Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Need to get rid of the insects around your business property?

With the above information about the advantages of a ULV fogger in mind, you’ll be well on your way toward making a decision that’s best for you.

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