7 uses for a disinfectant fogger

man using disinfectant fogger

A fogger is a portable machine that can aerosolize liquid and spray it into the air. When primed with liquid cleaner, an ulv fogging machine becomes an ideal disinfectant fogger, but it can also be used as an insect fogger, if needed.

It is an ideal way to spray disinfectant into a large space so that the microbe-killing action from the cleaning agent can be spread over a large area.

This kind of fogger has many applications and uses. Primarily it is used where a large volume of cleaner needs to be applied to clean an environment where people work or congregate. It is certainly part of a PPE kit.

Here are 7 uses for a disinfectant fogger:

  1. Cleaning a warehouse or distribution center: Warehouses are open spaces and contain racks of products, so an aerosolized cleaner from a fogger is ideal for killing microbes, bacteria, and other pathogens.
  2. Disinfecting condo buildings and apartment complexes
    Close quarters like apartments and condos are breeding grounds for infection and so cleaning common spaces in a large living complex can be difficult and time-consuming. So these places are ideal environments to use disinfectant foggers.
  3. Cleaning churches and other houses of worship: People congregate and are in close proximity while gathering in churches and houses of worship like synagogues and mosques. Using a disinfectant fogging machine in these open spaces which have a lot of surface area – think pews, benches, and walkways – is a good use of the tool.
  4.  Elementary schools, high schools and universities: Classrooms and lecture halls as well as gymnasiums are high use environments populated by students and teachers that need cleaning, so a fogger is a useful tool in these places.
  5. Gyms, weight rooms, and multi-use exercise rooms: These public spaces are used by people who are sweaty and are breathing. heavily during exercise and so they are perfect spaces for using a fogging machine to spread disinfectant easily.
  6. Restaurants and bars should be fogged – Given how many people transit though a restaurant or bar, these places need disinfecting and are good candidates for the fast cleaning action provided by a fogger.
  7. Dental clinics and medical centers: After hours, when offices and facilities are closed, dental clinics and medical offices can be cleaned with a fogger. Especially common areas like waiting rooms and high use spaces like treatment rooms.  
use a disinfectant fogger in a church
Use a disinfectant fogger in a church


A disinfectant fogger machine forces the liquid disinfectant through a nozzle and mixes it with air to create tiny droplets that are forced out of the device and into the air ahead of the fogger machine.

Because the droplets are tiny, they will for a period of time hang in the air, and not immediately fall to the ground. This suspension allows the liquid to spread throughout an environment.

A really small quantity of liquid clean can be used to cover a wide area using this spray action. That means it can kill bacteria, microbes, and viruses throughout a large open space.

Typically disinfectant foggers are used to clean large environments when people live or work. In business environments, a fogger is often used in large closed spaces like warehouses, distribution centers, and similar operations.

However the disinfectant spray from a fogger can also be used in business offices, as well as hallways of buildings, elevators, stairwells, and parking garages.

Essentially, large and moderate-sized open indoor spaces can be disinfected using a portable fogging machine.

In consumer applications, the disinfect comes from a can that creates a spray that bombs the space with the cleaner. However in the portable reusable version used in businesses, the disinfectant fogger is portable and refillable.

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This machine uses cold liquid and is considered a ULV fogger which is short for ultra low volume.

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