Introducing the TPC NFB2 compact pneumatic air chuck for pneumatic gripping. This air chuck has multiple bore sizes, double-acting action, short, middle and long strokes, axial and lateral direction piping options, and auto-switching.

Pneumatic Air Chuck Details

When you compare the TPC NFB2 Pneumatic Air Chuck against another popular air chuck on the market, you can see in the chart below the two air chucks behave very similarly.

Technical details regarding this pneumatic air chuck can be found here.


Technical Features of the TPC Compact Air Chuck

The TPC compact air chuck comes with 4 types of bore sizes:

  • Ø8
  • Ø12
  • Ø16
  • Ø20
Quality Pneumatic Air Chuck by TPC

Additionally, stroke types for the air chuck include SHORT, MID, LONG stroke type for each stroke length

x-ray image of a pneumatic air chuck

Additional features of the TPC air chuck include:

  • Dual cylinder strong gripping force
  • Separate piston assembly makes for a lightweight construction
  • Backlash is minimized due to precision gear engineering
  • Piping options are available in both the axial and lateral directions
  • Available for special LM guide
  • Compatible with other models and brands
  • Installation direction can vary
Technical drawing and dimensions of the TPC pneumatic air chuck

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