Back-up Alert Systems for Vehicles

HS-100F, HS-300N, HS-400N, CS-712, HCS-700D TPC Vehicle Safety offers a variety of back-up alert systems to suit different needs and vehicle types. HS-100F, HS-300N, and HS-400N are our audio alert systems. CS-712 is our camera-only system and HCS-700D is our combination system. You can learn more about these systems here: Please contact your sales distributor at (562) 946-8459 to … Read More

Here’s to the Truck Drivers!

Truck drivers have been working tirelessly to provide the U.S. with food and supplies. The recent suspension of the hours-of-service laws means that they are working longer hours to handle the growing demands for these necessities. Without truck drivers, Americans would not be equipped to handle many of the impacts caused by COVID-19. So it is important for Americans to … Read More

Truck Drivers Are the Unsung Heroes of the COVID-19 Crisis

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COVID-19 has caused many people to drastically change the way they live their lives. Trips have been canceled, workers have been laid-off, entire towns are in lock-down, and all are encouraged to practice social distancing. These steps limit person-to-person contact to help minimize the spread of the virus. But in order for these measures to be possible, there needs to be … Read More

Back up accidents kill 210 Americans annually

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The data doesn’t lie, vehicles moving in reverse are deadly. According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA), vehicles are involved at least 500,000 backing accidents annually in the U.S. That accounts for approximately 25% of all vehicle accidents.  These accidents kill an estimated 210 people annually and cause 15,000 injuries.   The victims are mostly children aged five and under (31% of all … Read More

10 Ways to Increase Backup Safety

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Truck fleet managers regularly ask, “How can my drivers backup safely?” Backup safety is a growing problem in the United States, especially with semi-trucks and service vehicles.

Where do I install my backup camera monitor?

Each week 50 children are hit by cars reversing. Forty-eight of those children recover in the emergency room and unfortunately, 2 of the 50 children die in what is an otherwise preventable accident. That means that 2,600 children are hit by vehicles reversing every year and 104 of the children are killed.

Is Your Fleet In Compliance?

BACK UP CAMERA SYSTEMS ARE REQUIRED BY LAW FOR ALL SEMI-TRUCKS AND BUSES 15 FT. OR LONGER Truck safety technology is helping make roads safer. Wireless backup cameras, like the rear obstacle detection systems that TPC Vehicle Safety provides, is one of the top upgrades fleet owners and independent truck owner/operators can implement easily to comply with federal regulations. A … Read More

1 in 4 Accidents Occur While Backing Up

Vehicle backing accidents are extremely common but can be prevented. One way to reduce these kinds of accidents is to use an alarm sensor or camera monitoring system, to help alert drivers of potential obstacles. TPC Vehicle Safety has several of these systems tailored to different needs and car types. These can be found on our website: Source:

Are there installer guides available for TPC Vehicle Safety cameras?

TPC sonar backup camera installation guide

Question: I have a specific technical installation question, are there TPC installer guides available for TPC Vehicle Safety backup camera systems that I can use for reference? Answer: Yes please follow these steps to locate the correct TPC installer guides for vehicle safety products: On our website, click on the Products menu item at the top of the site. Then click on the … Read More