Back up accidents kill 210 Americans annually

ambulance on an emergency call

The data doesn’t lie, vehicles moving in reverse are deadly.

According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA), vehicles are involved at least 500,000 backing accidents annually in the U.S.

That accounts for approximately 25% of all vehicle accidents.  These accidents kill an estimated 210 people annually and cause 15,000 injuries.  

The victims are mostly children aged five and under (31% of all fatalities) and elderly people aged 70 and over (26%).

Of all the half-million accidents, 15,000 result in some type of injury to humans. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. The IIHS found that combining automatic braking with rearview cameras and sensors can reduce back-up crashes by 78%. These systems provide extended rear-view visibility to drivers, which minimize blind spots and reduces the chances of back-up collisions. 

The US government has issued compliance requirements to ensure that vehicles moving in reverse back-up more safely. Semi-trucks and buses 15 feet or longer are required to have back-up camera systems and/or sensors. In March 2018, that was extended to vehicles 10,000 pounds or less.  

Here at TPC Vehicle Safety, we have both audio and visual back-up alert systems suited to the needs of different types and sizes of vehicles! 

Our audio alert systems include the HS-100F (small vehicles), HS-300N (two sensor system for small to medium-sized trucks), and HS-400N (larger trucks). These systems emit an audible alert in the vehicle cab when obstacles are detected while backing up. 

 TPC also has visual alert systems, such as the CS-712. It is a camera-only system with a seven-inch monitor. 

The company also offers combination systems, such as HCS-700D, where you get both audible and visual alerts while backing up. Also, you can combine any of these systems to suit your vehicle’s needs. All our products are of high quality, are durable, and are offered at affordable prices. 

To learn more about these systems, make sure to visit our store at or contact TPC Automation’s vehicle safety experts at (562) 946-8459.