Are Your Feet Nailed to the Floor?

Man standing on a wooden floor wearing shoes with red laces

by Simon Walker, President of TPC Automation

A new culture requires new ideas. New ideas require flexibility of thought. How flexible is your thinking?

A Fixed Way of Thinking

Many people believe that there is only one way to be, there is only one answer to a question and only one approach to solving problems.

Ideas like this leave them feeling stuck and boxed in.

What if you were to give yourself the freedom to try something new? What if you were to find a subject in which you give yourself zero latitude, and then allow yourself to believe its opposite, just for a moment.

Take an idea for which you have complete conviction with no wiggle room. It is a long-held belief that you are certain to be true. You are firm in your conviction. There is no flexibility. You just KNOW it.

Now imagine that its opposite is actually true.

What new freedom would open up for you? What would be possible for you in self-expression? In movement? In action?

The team’s culture will transform when ideas have freedom. Start with your own flexibility in thought. Look at your own shoes. Are they nailed to the floor?

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