Are there installer guides available for TPC Vehicle Safety cameras?

TPC sonar backup camera installation guide

Question: I have a specific technical installation question, are there TPC installer guides available for TPC Vehicle Safety backup camera systems that I can use for reference?

Answer: Yes please follow these steps to locate the correct TPC installer guides for vehicle safety products:

  1. On our website, click on the Products menu item at the top of the site.
  2. Then click on the name of the product in question.
  3. Under Tech Info and Dimensions, you will find an installation manual link with a detailed PDF that can be downloaded for free.
  4. If you wish to speak with someone in person, please feel free to call us at 800-326-6949 between the hours of 7am and 4pm PST Mon to Fri. 

Or call or contact us using this page….Click here.

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