About us

At Tanhay, Inc. dba TPC Pneumatics, we manufacture and distribute the building blocks of automation. We have three main lines of business:

Our mission is to provide the highest quality equipment with unmatched customer service. The way we do this is by living and breathing Lean Management. We incorporate Lean techniques throughout our operation in order to provide the greatest value at the lowest possible cost.

As the world begins to innovate towards robotic systems, Tanhay, Inc. dba TPC Pneumatics aims to be the leading industrial automation business in the U.S. Located in Santa Fe Springs, California we carry a full line of pneumatic components, vehicle safety systems, and material handling solutions.

TPC Automation office
TPC Automation is our brand. Tanhay Inc. is our corporate identity.

These products are matched with competitive prices. We are trusted partners who help our customers produce better products, streamline production, and eliminate costly waste through lean management. Tanhay, Inc. dba TPC Pneumatics is the main branch for North America, Canada, South America, Mexico, and is the subsidiary of Tanhay Incorporated which has over 40 years of business in the United States.

Tanhay, Inc. dba TPC Pneumatics is committed to our manufacturers and customers where we demonstrate precision, innovation, and performance. We are driven towards excelling the automation industry by redefining what it means to revolutionize robotic components by distributing the tools that bring them to life. 

Since its inception, Tanhay, Inc. dba TPC Pneumatics has been a leader in pneumatic components by utilizing the necessary technology in order to create automation equipment which is geared towards innovating the 4th industrial revolution. Our pneumatics and vehicle safety systems are manufactured in Korea. a country known for manufacturing the highest quality of products.

We offer technology that has been elevated consistently by engineers who solely focus on bringing products to life. When customers purchase from us, we make it a priority to ensure that we have a great relationship with each individual customer where they provide great feedback and reviews for us while notifying other people about the great experience, they have with us. Tanhay, Inc. dba TPC Pneumatics strives towards customer satisfaction and is willing to ensure that our customers have an excellent buying experience. We want our customers to understand that when they purchase our products, they are buying into the story and culture of what makes TPC automation different from all competitors. 

Through innovation, Tanhay, Inc. dba TPC Pneumatics operates with efficiency where they are always attempting to better the market and increase productivity. Tanhay, Inc. dba TPC Pneumatics is dedicated to deploying a kaizen culture by aiming towards being the most knowledgeable advisors in fluid power. Currently, Tanhay, Inc. dba TPC Pneumatics distributes to the North American market and has plans on expanding to new locations in 2020. Our relationship with our manufacturer allows Tanhay, Inc. dba TPC Pneumatics to create competitive prices to ensure that our customers are always receiving the best value.  

Precision is our primary principal which is seen in our components and services that we offer to customers, as well as our daily operations, including how we manage our team to work together.

Innovation is a core principle demonstrated throughout our whole organization by being the leading distributors in pneumatics.

Performance is an approach we focus on with customer service, safety, financials, marketing, sales, and employees.


General Manager – Don Cho
Director of Operations – Justin Uhm

Sales Manager for USA North and Canada – Dean Hopkins
Sales Manager for USA South – Richard Cueto

Sales Coordination – Christian Lim